How to use process maps in learning

Apr 19, 2022

Hello creative community, 

Hoping to pick your brain on this one. In my project I want to create a process walk-through or explainer and present the different steps in the process in chunks. The process map is created in Visio. I was experimenting with the zoom effect to zoom on the different parts of the process map but would like to fit in additional information on the side of the screen. But then how to include interactive elements? I also thought of the scrolling panel but got nowhere (can't include pdf and anything else is of poor resolution). The process map is huge and need to preserve the dimensions and the resolution. Has anyone created a learning using a process map and presented the information in an engaging and meaningful way? 

Thanks folks. 

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Jay Jankowski

Great idea, I have tried something similar to what you're suggesting Deb. I used the camera zoom effect in Vyond to capture the entire work flow. Then zoomed in on the different steps in the process creating a zoom & pan effect. I chopped the video up and used its different layers.