i am looking for Ideas for an elearning course...

Nov 19, 2012

I am struggling for ideas for an elearning course, and i am hoping someone can help!

I create elearning material for commercial property managers. We are going to ask each property manager to

submit an application for a certification program that recognizes excellence in performance and management for their properties.

To be eligible for the program, there are certain criteria that must be met. Then the application process involves a checklist of items that must be submitted.

Does anyone have any ideas for a course to teach the property managers the eligibility requirements, and then a way to take them through the appplication process?


Tallis Lockos

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Hongyang (Gracie) Li

hello, there

Just some ideas from my experience that if you wanna train people to go though checklist and fill out forms, a case study or multiple case studies can be used. Try to focus on designing the experience, show them what forms or documents need to be submitted.

  • First you need to decide a typical property manager profile you would like to use in the e-learning ( e.g., Manager John would like to apply for the certification program, let's find out if he is eligible to apply...)
  • Use multiple choice questions to go through the eligibility requirements. (To give an example like: Are you 18 yrs old? if yes... if no... bla bla bla...)
  • If the learner meets the criteria then bring the manager to the checklist of items; if not, then end of conversation
  • For each checklist item, the real document or at least a screen shot need to be presented so the manager can see the sample and follow

Hope my a few words help... thanks.


Steve Flowers

I'm seeing something like this having great value. Orienting moments in time in a simple, "high altitude", way:



The second one is a little crowded but could work if order, precedence, and progression were represented well. XPLANE's website used to have a heap of these types of diagrams available for full size review / study. Looks like they're no longer available in the usual places. Great examples of visual process maps. Cool thing about these is the way you can illustrate use-cases with multiple users / actors while showing connections all in one place.

Veronica Budnikas

Hi Tallis, 

I think Steve and Gracie's ideas are great. From a visual point of view, I thought it might be an idea to situate your course in a building (given they are property developers), and have each point/topic appear on a different floor, and the user goes up on the elevator and stops at each floor to complete that topic (maybe they end up in the penthouse if they determine they are eligible  

Not sure how you would do the building and elevator, but hey, i think it could look great

cheers, Veronica

El Burgaluva

Hi, Tallis and Helena

As Veronica points out, it's a *.story file so I've uploaded a web version for your viewing pleasure:


@ Karen E & Veronica: cheers! I'm glad you liked it. 


P.S. The elevator audio came from here: http://freesound.org/people/pcaeldries/sounds/36093/

El Burgaluva

Hi, Helena

Re: lady moving...

There are four different images; I just faded her out (outside the elevator, bottom-right), faded her in (inside the elevator, bottom-left); faded her out (inside the elevator, top-left); faded her in (outside elevator, top-right).

Re: doors opening and closing...

Two sets of doors for each "floor". On the ground floor, doors opening is two rectangles with fly-out animations applied, followed by two other rectangles set to fly-in after the woman gets in the elevator.

And then in reverse for the two sets of two "doors" on the first floor.

Also, on each side of the building, there is a white rectangle set as the top-most layer to conceal the objects flying in and flying out.

Oh, and I created the doorways by using PPT 2010's "subtract shape" function.

Hope that helps! 


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