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Sep 04, 2013

I have been asked to create a number of examples of how Storyline could be used for e-learning.  I have created a total of 10 scenes to showcase various elements of Storyline.

I now need to create a screen that will have links to each of the elements, however I am having problems working out how to fit 10 links on one screen.  I don't want it to look too cluttered, however i want more than just a button with the name of the element.

If anyone has any ideas that would be great, in the mean time I will start looking for inspiration

Many thanks.

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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Helen: Maybe you could do something that ties into the industry you are in--e.g., if you are in healthcare maybe a row of med containers or prescriptions or something. Type of interaction could be on the label. The hover state could reveal the gist of the interaction.

Sticky notes on a bulletin could work (there's a built-in SL template for that), but I think that one's getting tired. --Daniel

Bruce Graham


If you want to avoid it looking "cluttered", use things that are cluttered by nature - then no-one will notice.

  • Try a jigsaw puzzle, (has lots of parts....) Animate it in PowerPoint, (one piece for each section), have them flying together, then after  they are all joined on the Timeline use Hotspots to fire off your Scenes. The "PowerPoint to Storyline video animation" is a feature all by itself!
  • Use a Wordle - same principle.
  • Do any of the above and add a "kitchen sink", (just for giggles...). Clicking on that could show a page with a Scrolling Panel which lists everything else you have not shown!

Lots of ways to do this.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro


I thought this was a neat idea that could be applied for different purposes. I played around with it and changed it up a bit

  • so it didn't auto-start, giving the Learner time to read instructions first
  • slowed the spinning down - I'm sure it works for most people but it was too fast for me!
  • added a box with the topic number inside the wheel so as it spins the number appears inside that wheel's "quadrant" matching the topic number that is being referenced

Tx for sharing this cool idea.

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