Interesting transitions between slides and scenes

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One of our companies overseas created a module specifically for their region, in software other than Storyline.  No easy way to transfer from their file type to Storyline.  We want to "globalize" the module, which means I'm re-creating the file in Storyline.    One thing they've done which I quite like has me baffled (I'm quite new to all of this).  

Does anyone know how to create a transition that looks like the attachment?  Is it just an additional couple of slides or layers with the graphics on it that automatically play?  Is it a video?  

Many thanks in anticipation!

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Brian Duvall

This looks to be similar to what has been called the Parallax Effect here on the eLearning Heroes site.  Here is an eLearning Challenge specifically on this effect:

If you search around in the forums, I'm sure there is a 'how to' post for this effect.

Ray Cole

I think it's actually simpler than that. It's likely just a really wide flat graphic that is about 4x wider than the Storyline stage. It starts with its left edge aligned with the left edge of the stage (and, consequently, 3/4ths of it hanging off-stage beyond the right edge).

Add a motion path animation to this background image that moves it to the left until its right edge aligns with the right edge of the stage. I think that's all you have to do.