Introducing myself to the Community

Mar 16, 2014

Hi everyone - I'm relatively new to the forum, as far as posting goes.  I've been "lurking" for quite a while and working away in the background to produce some things for an e-Portfolio.  I have a training background and am now working towards moving more into instructional design - freelancing.  I've gotten to the point in my career where I really don't want to work in one place any more - I have too many creative ideas to be constrained like this! 

This community is amazing and I am looking forward to contributing and continuing to learn from you all.  If only there were more hours in my day!

I have recently released my newly hosted domain - The Knowledge Project which is where I blog, and my e-Portfolio which is a work in progress and hopefully something I can put forward when I start looking at freelance instructional design opportunities in the not-too-distant future I hope.  A huge thank you to Jackie Van Nice who recently wrote a very motivating blog on how to get into the freelance design industry.

I invite you to visit my blog (sadly I haven't had much time to blog lately - but I'm hoping to change this, with several blogs almost ready for release!) and my e-Portfolio - I've put up some contributions related to the weekly challenges - albeit very late, but at least I've had a go and have learnt so much along the way.  



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Nick n/a

Welcome Dianne and look forward to your contributions in the E-Learning Heroes Community.

The world of freelancing seems a mixed one. This forum tends to focus more on developers than IDs but there are plenty of both.

Again a warm welcome and I'll be checkng out your blog 'The Knowledge Project'. I like your post about the use of blogging though.

Dianne  Hope

Thanks everyone.  I think you might be right Natalia - since I put up this post only 4 days ago I have had over 270 visitors to my e-Portfolio site.  I thought I'd subscribe to some of the forums, but had no idea how active this was and what a diverse range of topics and issues you all discuss.  

I'm looking forward to more learning and sharing!

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