Issue with size of screencast!

Feb 27, 2017

Hi, Community

I have the following issue. I work with lots of software simulations in my courses and have set a standard size for my screenrecording window which works fine with my story size.

Today I tried to record a screencast but have encountered the following issue. When I record the screen without ANY interaction, storyline inserts the screencast in the correct size which I've previously configured. However, when I do some interaction (with the same screenrecording window size), then storyline inserts the screenrecording in a smaller size and I don't understand why, because in both cases the size of the screenrecording window is the SAME.

I'm attaching the storyfile so you can see it better! The first slide is the size I want, and the second one is the SAME screenrecording with interaction on it, and looks smaller.


Could it be a bug?

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