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Feb 15, 2011

First I'd like to say that I really like many of the new features of the new forums.  I find it always refreshing to change

I have one suggestion to make that I'm pretty sure is an easy one to tweak.

Can a new category be made? - Job Board or something along those lines.  With the ability to be able to subscribe 'only' to that one?

For some of us that work freelance and are always checking the forums for freelancers requests, it would be very useful to have a dedicated category or subcategory that we can subscribe to.

At the moment the only way I found to be informed instantly about new jobs offered (maybe I'm missing something obvious) is to subscribe to the General Discussion Forum, which is the one where people usually make these posts.  But this is too general and clutters my inbox with lots of emails that I wouldn't read unless I do a search when I'm looking for a specific answer.

Anyone else on this boat?

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David Anderson

Hi Mariano,

Thanks for the suggestion!

It seems like there's an increased demand for elearning designers specializing in Articulate. Currently, the best place to track Articulate job posts is to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and the forums.

You're not the only one who's suggested a dedicated job forum, so I'd encourage you to submit a formal request so we can better track the demand.


Mariano Aran

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply and the suggestions.  I already made a formal request

Unfortunately I tried Twitter a few months back and didn't work for me.  I got the same feeling that I got here when I subscribed to the "General Discussion forum".  It was great for a few days but then I felt overloaded with information that most of the time I don't use.

I believe that RSS is only good when you can set it up in a way that you 'only' receive specific information of your interest.

David Anderson

Mariano Aran said:

Thanks for your reply and the suggestions.  I already made a formal request

Thanks for doing that Mariano. We know there are features we can add to make this community even more valuable, so I appreciate you submitting the request.

Agreed w/RSS. I'm a huge fan of RSS and rely on it. Regarding Twitter, I'd say give it another try I'm a big fan of using Twitter to track current elearning and instructional design topics. Here's a Screenr I created a while ago on how to use Twitter to search for elearning jobs: The notification feature in TweetDeck is a big help for managing Twitter noise.

But, to acknowledge your request for a job forum with RSS-specific feeds, I agree that's something many folks would find valuable.

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