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Dale Hargis

I will second the Levelator recommendation.  I have had projects with varying amounts of volume and it smoothed things out perfectly.  Once you've got the program open, you just drag and drop your audio files onto the interface and it spits out a new file in the same location as the original.  The only time it becomes a problem is if you've already got files imported into another program so I would suggest running everything through Levelator before importing just to save the trouble!

Phil Corriveau

Unfortunately, it's not so simple with video files.  Depending on the video files you're working with, you MIGHT be able to--with a good video ediiting application--export the audio from the videos into WAV files and run those files through Levelator.  You would then replace the old audio with the new and encode the videos.

If you have the original video source files to work with, that's ideal and you don't have to worry about quality issues.  However, if the files you're working with are heavily compressed files, your files will lose quality--as the video have to be encoded a second time.