LearnDot - anyone heard of them?

Apr 26, 2013

Is anyone familiar with LearnDot (rebranded from Matygo)?

I came across an article in TechCrunch today that mentions that "Learndot is building a training and certification platform for businesses that enables anyone within an organization to build courses, certify customers, educate partners and get employees up to speed, from the cloud."

I don't know if their tool allows for importing content via Storyline or Studio, and was curious if anyone knows anything about them.

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Steve Flowers

In my limited exploration, it appears to build sequences and structures with some progressive disclosure features and questions. It's a little like Pathwright and Ruzuku except without the social features. It doesn't appear to be built to deploy or track content built in other tools. Stylish presentation of sequences. This type of sequenced construction can work really well for some things.

Paul Lambert

I'm new here, but I'm also Learndot's CEO so hopefully I can a bit to the answer.

Karen, thanks for the question. The short answer is "not yet", unfortunately.

Steve, thanks for the initial exploration. I think you're right in that our strength right now is on straight-forward sequenced courses that look great and are easy to create. Learndot is more of a scalpel than a swiss army knife. 

Our singular focus right now is to help anyone create great learning content, starting with 'raw' content like text, video, pdfs, and of course powerpoints. Our philosophy is that the single most important task of a learning delivery system should be great learning experiences and a huge piece of that is course structure. So we put a lot of thought into helping people write good learning objectives, organize their content, and select question types. Because of that, we haven't yet solved the question of how to import courses built in other course creation tools . But we are working on it. 

If you have any thoughts or suggestions I'd love to hear them! And I'd recommend playing with the tool yourself to see what I mean. We have a full-featured free plan so there's no risk in trying it out: http://www.learndot.com/pricing

Feel free to email me directly with any questions: prlambert (at) learndot.com

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