Learner needs to rank their priorities

Hi - I've got a course where the learner rates various statements (there are 33 over 5 topics - YIKES) and at the end of each section, the statements they've rated as a priority they then need to rate as either low, medium or high priority.

i've created slides with radio buttons for the inital rating, but wondering how to present the ones needing rating, given that some learners might only have 1 but some might have 8! (per topic).
I don't want gaps on the slides if that particular statement wasn't selected as a priority - hope that makes sense!

Ive looked through the challanges and can't easily find what i'm looking for - so hoping someone out there can help!



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Kate,

I've seen similar requests before in the Forum. The answer is JavaScript. You might find a useful JS script in one of those Forum posts, or a JS expert might jump in here with some guidance. Still, if that functionality is required, the best (but, yes, most expensive option) is to hire someone to write the specific JS script that you need. 

Thaddeus Ashcliffe

I would create number based variables for your scales. 
First it seems like you need to establish the scales you are going to be using.  Knowing what tool you will be using is essential for getting reliable data.   Scale ranging from 1 to 8 isn't a problem.  Having missing data is.  Find out how the instrument handles incomplete data.

One that has been figured out it's a simple matter of using the data inputs (ex radio buttons in a range).

To avoid gaps I recommend using alternate routing of slides or layer by variable.