LMS Problems: Looping, Freezing, Skipping Ahead, Unable to answer questions

Nov 13, 2017

We're using a proprietary new LMS and experiencing problems that don't occur in our other LMS or SCORM cloud. Courses published in Presenter Studio 9, 13 and 360. Has anyone ever experienced these issues or have suggestions?

+ Freezing, users cannot proceed ahead or go back. Stuck on a slide.
+ Looping audio and animation. NEXT is not responsive.
+ When user clicks NEXT they find they’ve skipped ahead several slides.
+ They are unable to select a response to a question and therefore cannot proceed to the next slide.

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Eve. You might want to search the community by the name of your LMS or just look through other LMS discussions. There are a lot of ongoing conversations that I've found super helpful. I bookmarked this one and always read the updates. It's helped us many times.

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Nicole Legault

Hi Eve, 

Sorry you've encountered this issue with your LMS. LMS issues can definitely be very frustrating! 

One thing you may want to consider trying is troubleshooting your e-learning courses with SCORM Cloud. This will narrow down if the problem is caused by Articulate software or because of a problem with the LMS. If it is a problem caused by the LMS, it can only be fixed on the LMS side of things.

If it's a proprietary LMS that's going to make it extra difficult (impossible?) to find others who have used it, as you mentioned.But if it's a problem with how the LMS is processing the SCORM content, maybe they can fix it... 

Best of luck to you with this! :) 

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