Look at all these Heroes!

Hello Everyone! 

  My name is Taylor Tomanio and I am brand new to this community. I am an Instructional Designer in Connecticut. When I saw this site I fell in love instantly. So many creative geniuses that I can't wait to learn from. 

Do any of you have any tips on how to have a presence here on this site? Or how you can become a Super Hero? 


Let's get to know each other! Share a bit about yourself and one piece of advice for me (and any other newbies!). 

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David Tait

Hi Taylor,

Most people on this website will agree that taking part in the weekly challenges is the best way to get involved. Most of the people who share their work are just as happy to receive constructive feedback as they are to provide it so it's a rich resource to tap in to.

David Anderson sets the challenges and the topics vary greatly, which is an excellent way to build a diverse selection of samples.

Another effective way to make the most of the community is to make the most of your profile, there are some handy tips here: https://community.articulate.com/series/64/articles/maximize-your-e-learning-heroes-user-profile-with-these-tips 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Taylor,

I also moved your post over to the Building Better Courses side of the ELH forums vs. the Articulate Online section (that's our version of an LMS). You may get more feedback from Super heroes there or ideas on how to further your presence in the E-Learning Heroes community!

Best of luck and hope to see you around! 


I often find myself using the forums as a place to help myself by helping others. What I mean by that is this:  I'm drawn to posts that tickle my curiosity, can XYZ be accomplished in StoryLine and if so, how. If the answer is, it probably can, but I'm not sure how, then I am going to see if I can figure it out. In the process, I learn something new about StoryLine's capabilities and also, hopefully, help someone else out.

Nicole Legault

Hey Taylor! So glad to see you're here in the forums :) That's a great first step to building your network and to being helpful in the community. As many have mentioned, participating in the weekly challenges and building a portfolio of examples is a great way to start.

So how and why did you make the switch to instructional design?! Im curious to know your story :)