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Jun 18, 2012


I'm developing an eLearningon a sales methodology. 
Phase I (of the learning solutions) includes an awareness eLearning, covering the main benefits the methodology will have for the sales personal.

There re 3 main benefits that will be emphasized thorugh stories.
I'm lokking for a framing story to wrap them all with (they can't really be linked logically one to the other. The only connection is they all show facets of the same methodology). 

Was thinking of a virtual Sales Magazine from which the learner can select the story he wishes to learn next.

Any other ideas on how to pack these seperate stories as a coherent eLearning?


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Dee ar

Hi Efrat,

May be this article could give you some ideas  http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/how-to-create-interactive-e-learning/ . Read the section titled 'Let the learner explore'

You could introduce 3 characters, may be 3 salesmen. 

 Each of these salesmen will unfold a story. The learners will get know how each salesmen used the sales methodology to their advantage. 

Efrat Maor

Thanks Dee - simple and effective.

David, I did not know what MacGuffin was rither :-P

But in this case it would be the methodology they need to learn... this is what is the base of it all. i'll sleep over it to see if I hav any other idea.

Fiona - this is a methodology that is not revolving around the competition, It has a different angle.

One of the benefits is - closer to commision. It means a few things - the stories I have (2 for this one) are: Leaving opportunities that give signs of being a dead hours and aligning to the buying process of the customer instead of running through our sales process.

Efrat Maor

Regarding the MacGuffin, since I cannot use the same client (I have a success vs. failure stories in one of the topics, for example), I was thinking of using the methodology itself as the MacGuffin, although we do know what it is in the end!

The secret to all the successes is this mysterios suitcase\gadget\charm. The one which is a failure ends in recieving the MacGuffin for better success with the next client. 

And I like this idea and might use it in another eLearning which is also for sales, but is about different services one of our units provides. so I'm showing 3 case studies, with different services used successfuly in each of them. Again had an issue with how to wrapp them all togther.

Bob S

Hi Efrat,

Just out of curiosity... 

Is your course more about teaching the process/steps of a sale?

(eg. Greeting, Clarifying Needs, etc)

Or more about the underlying philosphy/psychology of selling?

(eg Customers buy on Emotion, Reciprocity, etc)

The answer to this question can drive the kinds of packaging you put around the scenarios/interactions.


Efrat Maor


A good question. But... theanswer is non!
It is about the methodology of the sale, more strategy related.
How to select in which opportunities to invest (we're talking about a sales of products and services ranging from 100Ks to 100Ms of $).

But actually this is an issue I face in case of overview or awarness courses. Some of them have a few stories\examples that do not compbine nicely into one coherent scenario.

In this case I used what Dee suggested, and in another I used aMcguffin - packed a banch of services as a secretive success gadget.

Daniel Brigham

Glad you like it. A client of mine suggested that awhile back when we were trying to set a local. In a tradeshow, it sort of makes sense to run into just about anyone in your field. If you're interested in how I constructed a tradeshow, just reply and I'll PM you a few slides from one that I designed and developed. --Daniel

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