Making Policy Information more memorable E-learning challenge?

Jan 25, 2018

I'm currently developing a compliance type of e-learning training program and was wondering if there is a better way of introducing a Policy in a memorable way?

I thought of using Storyline as an interactive activity of where the user has the choice to drag items to build a Policy and that would be creative and make the Policy information memorable.

I know the capabilities of Storyline so know it has the capability to do it.  Thought this might be a fun e-learning challenge to make a creative way to convey (to be honest sometimes boring) Policy information.

 Just a thought, Thanks, Mark


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Mark:

One thing you might do is the "Avert a Disaster" approach. Ruth Clark highlights this in her book Scenario-based Learning. Basically, you tell the story of an employee going against the policy and creating some type of damage/bad situation as a result. Then you give the learner the opportunity to go back in time, and help the employee avert the "disaster" by following the policy.

You often see this structure in Safety training, where someone dies or loses a hand, and then the learners is given the chance to avert the crisis.  It ain't much, but it's an idea. --Daniel

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