Managing FAQ questions

Jun 05, 2019

I'd like to create a list of FAQ questions that I could easily add to and remove. Each question should be hyperlinked to it's response. I would also like these questions to have similar qualities as a button set. Is there some sort of tool, of set of best practices what would assist me in managing these Q/A? Is the only option creating each question as an individual text boxes?


Thank you :)

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David Price

Just off the top of my head, could you possibly use variables to mange it if you have to do it in Storyline?

You would set up a number of variables (i.e. FAQ1 - FAQ10).  The default values of those variables would be whatever you want that FAQ to be.  You could then output the variable in any way you want on the front end (i.e. in a text box, a button, shape, etc).

The only problem you would have with this would be that you couldn't have a question and then an answer which is how an FAQ is normal formatted, but if you are only bothered about the answer and not to precious about the formatting, then it may be possible.

To update all you would need to do is change the default value of the variable.  Not a pretty solution but would technically do the job to a certain extent.

Edit: You could have 2 sets of variables.  1 set is FAQ questions and the other is FAQ answers.  So for example you would have FAQs1-10 and then FAQAnswers1-10.  Again not a pretty solution, but it would save you having to update text boxes, etc.

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