Manually built Drag and drop exercise

Oct 31, 2022

I'm trying to build an exercise where people can drag and drop folded note objects onto an XY field, like post-its on a risk assessment chart.

I figured i won't be able to allow dropping at any position within one large target, as all the objects when dropped will snap to the center?

I thought I'd got around this by making a grid of 9 targets, which is just about enough resolution. 

I had it working yesterday! I built the trigger by getting it to increment a variable (which I don't really care about) when it dropped. At least I was getting started before a mass creation of triggers. I could happily drop. Now, it won't work and I don't know why.

If someone could help with:

1. Am I doing something that is actually possible?

2. Will it work if I populate 1 trigger for 1 item, with all the drop targets?

I have attached the story file.


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Joanne Chen

Hi John, 

You can have the drag item drop on any position within one large target, by using the corresponding drop-down to choose how items will be tiled or stacked.

I can't see what's your purpose for the trigger and variables you set in the file. But the trigger you use "drag over" not "drag on"  that won't let the object to drop on a target.