My class is completing when it shouldn't

Hello, I have a new class I've designed in SL3. The learner must take a 25 question final exam and pass with an 80% to complete the course. If they don't pass they must retake the final until they do. I have set my results slide to show success layer if they get their 80% and the failure layer is the get less than 80%. My course should be saving it's progress as well. If the learner leaves the class after failing the exam the course completes itself. Can someone please look at what is wrong with my settings? 

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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jenny, did you mean to attach your story file? 

I assume you have published your course to a Learning Management System and that you have published using one of the LMS options.  If not then your course will not record completion even if they get 80 on the quiz. If you have used one of the LMS options, check how the tracking is set up. If it is by slides viewed then the course will complete when the number of slides is reached and ignore the test results.

If this is the problem, click on the tracking link and change the setting to "track using quiz results" and select the result slide.

If this is not the problem then we need to see how your Storyline file is set up and what you are using to host the course.

Jenny Hogan

Yes I tried to upload it but it didn't work. I can send a version if you can provide me a link. I am publishing with TinCan and I have tracking set to the results slide. I have also tried it in Scorm 1.2 and set the reporting to Incomplete/pass and it works but I don't have the option in TinCan and that is what I use with my LMS.  

It won't upload with the attachment in this response, do you have another way for me to send the file? 

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Jenny, I don't have a private link and since this is an issue with your LMS I am not sure there is much I can do. Do you need to be using TinCan for any reason?  If you don't need TinCan and your LMS supports Scorm 1.2, maybe try using scorm instead ?

I would suggest opening up a case with Articulate Product Support.

Jenny Hogan

This isn't and issue with my lms as I have many other classes that were published with Sl2 that work fine. I will try and upload the file tomorrow so you can see it just in case I have missed a setting. 

Thank you. I have already brought some issues regarding the new sL3 to supports attention so before I open another case I'd like to make sure it's not me.

Thank you for your help.