My multiple choice quiz freezes on question 2 and 3


I have created a 3 question multiple choice quiz. This quiz is designed to not allow you to fail! Each question has 5 answers, each answer is a layer that appears. On all but the correct one it brings you back to the original question asking you to try again. The correct answer will bring up the next question when you click on "continue". We do this each month - March's 3 question quiz worked beautifully! I took March's question and just changed the information and the correct answer in the template. Here is my issue - for this month question one works as it should - you can click on each answer and receive the appropriate "try again" layer. When you click on the correct answer, that layer brings up question 2 when you click "continue". However on question 2, if you select an incorrect answer, receive the corresponding layer and choose "try again", when you get back to that 2nd question slide it is frozen and it won't allow you to click on anything else! During the "preview" stage if you refresh the page, it will then allow you to click on whatever answers you want to, and however many you want to - but when they take the test officially there will not be an option to refresh the page! This also happens on the 3rd question! Please help me figure out why this happens! I even removed every trigger and reset them, to no avail.

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Trina Rimmer

Hi Melinda,

Thanks for sharing your project file with us. I'm sorry you've run into trouble with this month's quiz.

I took a very quick look at your file and I was able to recreate the behavior you're seeing. You mentioned using a template to create this quiz? Have you tried deleting the current Q2 slide and importing last month's working Q2 slide into this project to see if it still works? You wouldn't even need to change the content just to test it out. I'm thinking if you import that working slide into this project and it no longer works, it could point to an issue with the project file. And, if it works, you'd simply plug in the updated content and, hopefully, knock this month's quiz off your list. 

If importing the working slide doesn't shed any light on the problem or help to address it, please open a support case so one of our engineers can take a closer look.


Adam Hoe

Hi Melinda,

Would it be acceptable to Reset each slide to it's initial state in the Slide Properties? (See Attached)

You can find the slide properties icon on the lower right of each slide.

As a quick fix, it appears to correct the issue.

I don't know your specific needs, but would it be reasonable to delete the conditional statement in each trigger as well? "If attempt count is less than or equal to 10000"

Please let me know if you wish to approach this another way.

Adam Hoe

Hi Melinda,

This may fix the issue regardless of slide revisit state. (See attached .story)

I think it was related to the Submit Results trigger on each correct slide layer.

We can probably get away with only using that trigger on the Results slide. Please let us know if this works for you.

Melinda Keske

Thank you so much for the suggestions! So far, it seems to have worked to change the slide properties to "reset to initial state" - but I'll have to let you know after further testing. At least for now the slides do not freeze.

One question though... for submitting results. I thought I had to submit the results to the results page whenever they selected the correct answer. Is this not true? Is the "submit results" supposed to only be on the results slide, and that submission is to the LMS so it knows the participant passed or failed? I thought it was telling the Articulate program itself. If I only have to have that trigger on the actual results slide, that would be easier!

Thank you again for all of your suggestions!

ps. Trina, I would have tested your theory next regarding copying Q2 from the previous month's quiz, if the reset didn't work. However, I'm not sure that would have mattered since I had taken that months and just updated the wording for the new quiz. But it is worth a try if the reset fails when I test after launching.


Adam Hoe

Hi Melinda,

You should only need the Submit Results trigger on the Results Slide. If you use any of the standard Results Slide templates it has an EDIT RESULT SLIDE button just above the triggers panel. This is where you track which interactions apply to the results submitted to the LMS.

So instead of having 3 questions sending results with a trigger, you only need the one results page tracking those three interactions.

I hope this is helpful.