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Hello team,

I have 3 ways in my storyline course to access a same scene A in which I have 3 slides.

After navigating in my scene A, I would like to go back by the same way I accessed just before this scene. (ex: I access the scene A using the way 1, and after visiting the scene A, I would like to go back by the way 1)

Do you have any idea to help me ?

Thanks in advance.

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Ralf  Baum

Hi Jean-Pascal,

I would try the following thing:

Create 3 different variables ( e.g. var_path1 etc.)

Now choose one slide in each path and assign the variable with value 1 when the timeline starts.

You can only choose 1 path so only one of the 3 variables can have the value = 1.

When you have finished your final scene you can adjust the navigation trigger.

Go to slide 'path1' if variable var_path1 = 1

Go to slide 'path2' if variable var_path2 = 1

Go to slide 'path3' if variable var_path3 = 1


Due to the fact that only one variable could have the value = 1 there is no problem to navigate back.

I hope this works for you.

Best regards