Need ideas for a CSR lesson!

Aug 06, 2011

Going to build a short lesson about CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, and has really got stock in my thinking about the design. Anyone out there who has some ideas, or even better some example on something done with Articulate in this area? The thing is that my client want something briefly presenting CSR at the same time as the same time as it's going to be a presentation of what can be built with rapid e-learning tools like Articulate so it can be used as a pitch for e-learning when they discuss new educational projects with the clients... Anyone done something like that before? 


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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Peter! What are the objectives of the course? For example, are you wanting to teach learners how to recognize breeches of social responsibility? That would be a good topic to build some simple scenarios around. Present a situation related to corporate social responsibility, and have the learner choose which action or response would be most appropriate - then provide feedback on their choice.

Have you checked out the RSI model? David provides a great series of tutorials that walks through how to create a quick and easy interaction with choices & feedback. That would be one way to quickly build out your scenarios.

Peter Strate

Hi Jeannette,

the main objective is to show up an Articulate presentation that have two purposes; 

  1. To tell the CSR consultant companys current and future clients that Rapid E-learning is one of there main ways of internal communication when they work with a client project. So far most of the communication and initial learning has been done within their clients intranets and through classroom training. They want to shift that and do the majority of training with e-learning, and this presentation is one step to get the clients interested. So it shall tell of benefits, show some things that can be done with Articulate and open the door for us, with the CSR company as SME:s,  to sell more rapid e-learning projects. 
  2. At the same time we want to show a few things about what CSR actually is. 

To boil it down, it's mainly a showcase for the CSR company and for us, with a little bit of CSR information in it. 

I agree that this area is very suitable for using scenarios, most of the courses we will build will be introduction courses for CSR, telling the lerners why their company works with it, how they can benefit from it personally and in their work, and point to what they can do in their workspace to contribute to make their company a successfull CSR company. So I checked out Davids RSI model, and think that could be something to work from when it comes to that.

But maybe you have some more ideas, or could point me to some examples, on how to build a nice showcase promoting rapid e-learning in general and Articulate in particular. 


Greg Friese

In addition to answering Jeanette's question about learning objectives I also think you need to identify what features/benefits of e-learning they are hoping to sell. Then build a course to those answers. Are their benefits or desired features:

1) Fast development

2) Ease of completion

3) Lots of Flash/Video whizbang

4) Linear, clear path start to finish

5) Branching, self-directed exploration learning

There is a long list of possibilities of benefits and features. Help them sell by building what they are hoping to sell. Or slightly expanding their vision of what is possible. They might envision a subject matter expert explaining a series of bullet lists. You slightly expand on this with some engage interactions and increase their vision of possibilities without overwhelming them.

Peter Strate

Thks Greg,

your words just made me a little bit clearer on what to do. Usuallly I ask my clients for what they want, and then build from that. In this case the client has made the initial PPT with content, and I think I will have to change it all. Seems like they try to shoot to much at the same time, so I'll try to make a suggestion ONLY based on what we want; something that sells e-learning courses to their clients. 

Thanks for waking me up!


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