Need some ideas, q and a voiceover

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone may have had a similar situation to this and may be able to provide some ideas on how to approach it. I am very close finishing a module and last thing we have to do is a q and style video, we are unable to show anyone within the company as the roles are continuously changing and we have zero budget so I cannot use a tool like go animate. Given the short time frame I have to do this I cannot be overly creative with it. The module is on putting the customer first and we have a script already drafted and someone agree to do the voiceover. I'm just struggling on how I can visually present this.

Any ideas would be so grateful.



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Nicole Legault

Hi Narissa!

I have encountered a similar situation in a past project myself. We had voiceover/narration but no budget for an animated character. What I did was simply use the photographic character that comes with Storyline and I used a simple, smooth fade transition between the static photographic poses as the character was speaking, to try to make the body language/pose work with what was being said. It wasn't perfect, but it worked for me! :) 

Judy McDonough

I agree with Nicole.  Stock photos (such as iStock, etc.) often have multiple "poses" of actors that work great in these types of situations. And you can also use different "parts" of a photo if you don't have a lot of photos to choose from.  For example, you can zoom in on a face, zoom out so you see the character and the background, invert the photo (so it's essentially flipped or backwards... just be careful if there is writing within the photo).    Hope this helps!