New ways of creating Digital Learning.

May 29, 2018

I am looking into different/new ways of creating digital learning for my workplace. I have been set the task of taking one of our modules designed as a PDF and making it more digital. Basically the module is used by a manager within their team meeting, what my manager wants is something digital that will allow the team members to interact with the module and make it more engaging rather than something they sit and listen to/read. 

Anyone doing anything like this that can share what they have done would be fab! 

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Gemma Wells

Hi David 

Its mainly team building activities. Where the manager will give a bit of information and the teams go off into pairs etc and do....something! This is the bit we want to make interactive digitally. We also want to look at team briefs - so they may watch a video update on something that is happening in the business its what we then do after with the learners that we need to figure out - hope I am making sense! 

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