Optional Assignments in a Course

Dec 01, 2016

Hi all,

I am trying to build a course where students will do several assignments from several units, e.g. they need to complete 2 assignments from unit A, 3 from unit B, 3 from unit C, and 1 from unit D.  My current framework for making this happen is within the Canvas LMS, either through native Canvas features or via embedded Storyline or Captivate.

I haven't seen examples of this anywhere, and I don't readily see this functionality within e.g. Canvas, Litmos, and others. Does anyone have any suggestions? Examples would be very helpful.

To give a bit more detail, I'm actually looking for more than just "do 2 things from unit A, 3 things from unit B". We actually have different point values assigned to different assignments within a unit. For example, within unit B there are 8 assignments to choose from, some of which are worth 1 point, and some of which are worth 3 points. But the students has to accumulate a total of 5 points within unit B. Same type of thing goes for the other units, in order to satisfy course requirements.

It sounds complicated as I write it, but it's really just a menu of options for students, providing choice with structure, so I'm hoping that, in 2016, some combo of LMS and eAuthoring can do this kind of thing.

fyi we are looking into the new MasteryPaths feature within Canvas, for conditional release of assignments, but that's not totally going to do it.

Thanks in advance for your time

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