Passing Variable Data Between Storyline Blocks in Rise (a guide)

Mar 04, 2021

Did you know that you can use the computer's local storage to pass data from one Storyline block to another one within the same Rise course? Well you can and all it takes is a few simple lines of JavaScript code. 

This gives you all kinds of customization options for your Rise courses, including capturing and remembering the learners name and other selections they might make as shown here in this Rise example. What other ways might you use this? 

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Hello Staff, would it be possible to produce a couple of videos around this thread so we all can learn this cutting edge way of using storyline and rise storyline blocks together in greater detail?
It seems like this could add value to many developers courses.

A big thank you to the creator of the thread and the contributors in this thread!


It is hard to say without actually seeing your .story files but it looks like your first block could be sending the username to local storage BEFORE the user has actually input their name.  Try changing your trigger from Execute JavaScript when timeline starts to something else like "when variable changes" or "when user presses button".


OK - I think I see the issue and it isn't with your Storyline files. The problem is on the Rise side and deals with how Rise loads the Storyline blocks. Your second block is loading before the 1st block is completing so, it is pulling the data prior to the data being input. 
Try adding a continue divider between the 2 blocks and make it "Must complete the block above before proceeding" requirement. That should prevent the 2nd block from loading before the 1st block is complete.

Teah Chadderdon

Ah, got it! This is great news, thank you, Owen.

I'm still in the practicing / storyboarding phrase. I'm using the Rise course to see if what I want to do is possible; I haven't created the 3rd - 8th blocks yet, so the 1st block technically doesn't go anywhere.

When you had me add a continue divider that must be completed, I realized that the 1st block cannot be "completed." Bingo!

Thank you so much! I deeply appreciate you! 

Sherri Sagers

Thank you Owen for taking the time to reply to this. I wanted to let you know that I use your solution a lot in my courses, so I follow this thread carefully and I think you may have just solved an issue I've been seeing lately, too! I'm about to start adding the dividers now! :D (woo-hoo!)

Sherri Sagers

In case anyone else needs what I did... I am using this solution to pass a score from a Storyline quiz to a Smartsheet form within Rise. Once in a while the Smartsheet form wouldn't have a score and that's because the Smartsheet form was on the same Rise page as the quiz, so when a learner would scroll down to the Smartsheet form, it would load and grab the nonexistent quiz score. As Owen explains above, I needed to add a continue button that doesn't become active until the learner finishes the quiz. Then when the learner clicks continue, it opens the Smartsheet form. 

BTW - I had to put the Smartsheet form in a Storyline block in order to grab the score... I describe how to do that here:

Hillary Townsend

Hey Owen - 

BLUF - Is there a way to pull the course name from Rise into a Storyline block to build out a course completion certificate? 

You seem to have a ton of knowledge in with both Rise and javascript so I am wondering if I can ask a quick question. I posted it in my own thread but with no responses as of yet. 

I have a Rise course which will be part of a group of 55 different Rise courses all built by different individuals. The goal is to have one course completion certificate that can be used for all 55 Rise courses. I have built the certificate as a Storyline block and it is working as planned. The one element I am missing is the course name. I would love to be able to share this amongst the 55 different developers and have the Storyline block auto pull the course name from Rise. It will not be housed in an LMS due to financial limitations. 

Thank you for reading this! 

- Hillary 

Antonio Piana

Hi Owen, 

Many thanks for sharing this. May I ask a question please?

How can the LMS report on the information from the variables? I.e. if I asked the user to select some scores at the beginning and then be able to review those at the end of a module. I would want to see that information in the LMS. Any ideas please?