Pasting black plain text from a Word doc into a storyline layer - background then showing white

Dec 30, 2021

I am trying to paste plain text from a Word document (and also tried a text note pad) onto a shape (within a text box). All of a sudden the text is now showing (as black) on a white background within the text instead of transparent so the color of the shape come through as the background. This started suddenly and I have no idea why.

I am working with storyline on parallels and Mac OS. These are citations and I have a bunch of them -  I really, really do not want to have to type these all over again. Please insights?

In case I didn't explain this well - I've attached a screen shot 




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Bianca Woods

Hi Nancy,

That sounds like a frustrating mystery! Is there any chance you could share a Storyline file with one of the affected slides? That might help us narrow down the issue.

Also, out of curiosity, are your copies of both Storyline and Word installed in your Windows virtual machine through Parallels, or is your copy of Word on the macOS side of your computer?