Pie chart to display others results

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to know if it is possible to get google forms to feedback information in to Storyline and rather than a leaderboard, have a pie chart? I have created something using states to determine the learners result. E.g. If learner scores 2 points in quiz change state of pie chart to 20 percent.  I have zero javascript knowledge so I just wanted to know how hard it would be to achieve?




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Phil Mayor

I am sure it would be quite easy. I have never put it all together, but I have written to a javascript form and then manipulated the data and then read the data back into storyline. I have only ever shown it as a reference in storyline, but I have used graph.js in a web object to display storyline variables, so should just be a simple case of tying all three things together.

As you can only test javascript in a live environment there would be a lot of testing and I would build it in 3 parts (ensure it posts to google sheet,  then ensure it writes back and finally the graph). Just because of the way storyline works with JS and one error breaks everything.

I would say it is 4hrs work, or a maximum of a day to get working perfectly.