Problems downloading and using JQuery for use offline

Aug 13, 2022

Hi all

I am attempting to use JQuery to perform some nice scrolling effects in a course. It works beautifully when connected to the internet.

However the final course will be hosted locally on a tablet with no connection. 

I was hoping to use this advice from Articulate.

I have followed each step but with no luck. Downloaded and saved the library from JQuery website, inserted the line of code etc. But now stuck!

Any help, or alternative method to get the same functionality when offline, would be much appreciated!

thank you!


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Math Notermans

Do share your Storyline then someone probably can help...

this is my approach for adding external Javascripts libraries...

the 2nd approach mentioned using WebObjects should work for you too not having an internet connection...

Martin Sinclair

Thanks Math! 

Here is my progress so far (hoping you may be able to tell me if this is the expected behaviour...)

I tried your first solution in the link above, adding the lines to the html that runs the story. This worked on my internet-connected device without having to revert to my previous solution.

However, when I then used a memory card to transfer the Storyline Output file (complete with .story file) to the tablet that does not have internet, the scroll feature stopped working again. 

BUT - interestingly, I briefly connect the tablet to wifi, it worked perfectly, and continued to work even when I switched off the wifi again. Can I assume it downloaded and stored whatever it needed to work during the tablet's brief moment of connectivity?

I will now try your WebObjects solution. Steep learning curve but massively appreciate your posts on the subject and feel I am getting there... 

Math Notermans

The biggest problem with that is the fixed limited size of Storyline. As it is limited to max 2000 px height or something like that its tough to create a real OPA ( One Page Scroller ) or SPA ( Single Page Approach ) site. What you can do however is simulate it by creating one large group you scroll on one slide. If you check my posts you will find quite some info on that.
GSAP is a Javascript tweening engine built into Storyline360. Its the best on the market atm. It has a plugin called ScrollTrigger that works perfect for scrollbased animation. You can do really great things with it.

As you read in the posts im experimenting with ThreeJS to emulate the ATMOS scrolling page. I figured out how to get ThreeJS working in Storyline, but now i need to study on both ThreeJS and Blender to create elements to move and scroll in 3d in Storyline. :-) Never too old to learn ;-)