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Leah Hemeon

Hi Toni,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you don't have access to the original pptx/ppta files then you're probably looking at having to recreate the project from scratch.

If they were created with the old Articulate 5 Presenter then you'd only be looking for the PowerPoint file and not a separate ppta. The new version splits the presenter piece into its own file.

I've had to recreate and although it's not fun it's certainly much easier when you have a course already built that you can refer to and copy. You might even try a .swf decompiler. Although they're somewhat controversial because people use them for more sinister things -if this published file is your (or your company's) property there shouldn't be a problem. At least this way you can get some of the assets out of the .swf files.

Just a thought.

Good luck!