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Jun 25, 2015

I'm provided Desire2Learn (D2L) for my course online components. Currently I am experimenting with the Storyline 2 to see if I can upload a test course to D2L. I've spent hours trying to do it but to no avail. I've tried saving the test course to my hard drive then uploaded to D2L, but that doesn't work. Does anyone know a way?

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Rachel Barnum

Hi Sarah, 

Are you publishing your Articulate Storyline file to a SCORM file? Here's an article to help with that:

Then, here are the instructions for Desire2Learn - have you been following these? At what step do you run into trouble?


Rachel Barnum

Just to make sure, have you been in contact with their support team?
According to that support link, you should be able to publish your course
in SCORM and load it. That would be odd if an LMS didn't support it. I'm
going to be helping a company pick out a new LMS soon and I'd be interested
in what D2L would have to say towards loading SCORM content.

Sarah Shope


It's possible there is a way to use D2L, but I've exhausted and frustrated myself over several days of trying. I followed all directions but to no avail. I'm up against a deadline for getting the program up, and so I have to move ahead somehow. When I get time I'll try Articulate again.

Thanks for your encouragement.

Mohammad  Hassam

Hi Sarah, 

I am sorry if this question being asked before, I would  like to know if you published your test course as SCORM compliant version in Articulate Storyline 2. If yes, what was the version did you used?

Was it SCORM 1.2 or 2004? D2L supports SCORM - 2004 followed by below documentation.



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