Publishing Multiple Versions Simultaneously


I need to publish 2 versions of each course - one that does not allow students to jump ahead to slides they haven't seen yet and another version for course reviewers/instructors that allows them to jump any where in the course.  I had thought of publishing a course and then copying it to another location and changing the appropriate parts of the xml files that describe navigation.  

However, I have a lot of courses to manage and I can see that getting into a version control nightmare very quickly. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might handle something like this?


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Robert Kennedy

You are only one can determine what works best for you here.  I have personally found that after a student takes a course once, if they need to take it again, they are bothered by the restrictions.  I understand the need in some cases.  But, I normally just allow the learner to explore at their leisure since, with a good assessment, they need to have the correct information anyway.

Outside of that, I definitely have had to have a reviewer version and a student version based on client need.   The only answer I have there is having a final delivery folder and a review or QA folder, knowing that the Review/QA folders would hold the versions that are "unlocked"