Review 360 - Old versions are not available to the screen reader

Oct 04, 2023

Hey, how is this working for others?

I have an Articulate Storyline course with lots of versions on Review 360. I went to a prior version to determine when a screen reader error occurred, and noticed that my screen reader can't find non-current course versions. I was able to confirm on another course with a lot of versions: as soon as I switch to an out-of-date version, my screen reader doesn't notice the course existing. At first I thought it might have to do with not needing to press play on each version; but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Is anybody else able to screen-read-access their old versions on Review 360?



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Luciana Piazza

Hi there Pierre, 

Thanks so much for reaching out! I have a few questions to better assist you. 

  • What screen reader are you currently using? 
  • Do you experience this on all previous versions of your course? Also, what browser are you currently using to view this content within Review 360? 
  • Is this happening with more than one project? 

Feel free to share your Review 360 links in this thread or privately in a support case so we can get a closer look! 

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

Steven Benassi

Hi Pierre!

No need to apologize! Thanks for following up and clarifying!

Great move on opening a support case! I see that you've connected with my colleague Johnrey. I went ahead and updated your support case with the feedback you shared so Johnrey can be notified. You should be hearing back from him shortly!

We can continue this conversation over in your support case to keep all information in one spot.