Quiz answers word-wrap and block other choices

I'm using QuizMaker and set up a multiple choice question. The answers have plenty of room in the boxes that contain them but when the course is published or when the quiz question is previewed, the answers become constrained and wrap to the line below thereby obscuring the answer underneath it. I have attached Before & After screenshots. The only solution we've found is to decrease the font point size and then force a couple of paragraph returns in order to add more space between questions so that they don't block each other. Any thoughts?

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Nicole Legault

Hi Mick, 

Thanks for posting your question here in the forums, and sorry to hear you've encountered this issue in Quizmaker.

Any chance we can get your profile file or find out if you have the latest update installed, Update 6? If you don't have the latest update installed, you can download it free here. Thanks!