Quiz: Try Again. It goes to the next slide

Dec 09, 2016

I am creating my quizzes in Story Line 2:

  • Feedback and Score: By Question
  • Attempts: 3
  • Slide Layers: Try Again, Incorrect, Correct

When I preview the Scene, select the wrong answers, I get the Try Again. When I click Continue, it advances to the next slide and doesn't allow me to redo the question.

I tried adding a trigger. The first time to hide the Try Again layer, it still went to the next slide. I set a new one that jumped back to that question slide, and still went to the next slide in preview and publish.

Any ideas to help correct this?


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Ridvan  Saglam

Hi Dana, 

I see that you created new buttons on Feedback Master and don't use the ones which the program automatically created and it accepts the triggers which you created on feedback master. If you clean the buttons from the feedback master and use the buttons on the slide, it will solve your problem. On Try Again slide, set the button like this;

And one more thing, you need to arrange the Slide Properties like this; 

Hope these can help. 

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