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Jun 06, 2011

Hello Heroes,


I'm doing something in the Articulate Engage using the FAQ model. Instead of text answers, I want to upload pictures as the answers to all questions. I want to make the pictures exactly fitting in the available space of the answer portion. Do you know what should be our desired size of the picture? In what size, should I cut it, so that no space will left blank and no scroll bars..? I think the question is clear.


Hope anyone will help..

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi there Tom,

For an FAQ, the maximum size for an image or movie is 617x310. I think you'll get the best results if you choose "Top" for the position when you add your image, and then enter the customized size as shown below. For more info on optimal sizes in Engage, Quizmaker, and Presenter, here's a job aid that you might like.

Tom Thomas

Hello Jeanette,

Thank you very much for that prompt reply and the job aid you posted. That was very helpful. Meanwhile, using some trial and error method I resized my images to the measure 727x403 (with zoom in functionality). Anyway, I think  617x310 is more apt for this.

And I have one more doubt. If we use 617x310, we can't zoom the image. What measure should I use to get it into a 'zoomable' size, at the same time keeping the aspect ratio?

Thank you in advance..

Jeanette Brooks

Hi Tom - The zoom feature allows learners to enlarge the image to a max width of about 700 pixels, and a max height of about 520 pixels. To keep the aspect ratio of 617x310, I'd recommend creating your images at about 701x352. This should allow you to show learners the biggest size possible when unzoomed, but still make the zoom feature available. Hope that helps!

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