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Sep 04, 2018

I have a slide which is a drag and drop interaction, I have included a "restart" option in the form of a spoon which has a triger to jump to that slide.  The drag objects (teabags) appear, along with some indicator text, and voiceover on layers for each. 

They are dropped onto a hotspot, which changes the state of the object and text to hidden and reveals a label on a cup.  My problem is if someone uses the spoon to restart because they have just got the drop wrong too many times, the state of the text on the cup of the object that has just appeared but has not been dropped onto a target yet is in normal not hidden, when everything else goes back to how it was - so I have one thing showing on the screen when there should not be.  Can you give me some ideas on why this is?  I'm not sure how my triggers could be causing it, as the state change hasn't been triggered at that point.

This might be a bit difficult to follow, so I have modified the slide a little and uploaded it, so you can take a look. Start the activity, drop one of two of the tea bags, then read the statement up top before clicking the spoon, and you'll see it appears on the cup when the slide jumps to itself again.

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David Tait

I've attached a version where I think I've fixed the issue.

I removed the triggers you'd attached to the text on the cups and put them on the teabags instead. 

One suggestion I have is that you disable the teabag until the Start button has been clicked. Currently it is possible to have both sets of voiceover play together and to get the text to overlap the Start button.

David Tait

The difference is that the triggers were written to make the text appear when each of the teabags were hidden. This meant that when you reset the activity the timeline was restarting and some of the triggers were being fired at that point (and showing the text boxes).

Moving the triggers to the teabag means that the triggers only fire at the exact point the teabag is dropped (and hidden) removing the opportuity for triggers to fire at the wrong time.

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