Restrict Next button until learner scores 100% on quiz

Good Morning, I've built a course and it has a quiz/test that the learner must score 100% in order to activate the Next button to advance through the course. I am doing this because there is an acknowledgement button at the end of the course that links to our LMS system. I do not want the learner to get to this button until he/she has scored 100%. I believe this is accomplished with a variable and trigger . . . I just can't figure out the correct combination. Any help would be appreciated.

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Richard Watson


If you used the quiz slides and a Quiz Results slide in your module, you will already have the variable you need. For example, if I had two questions and each question was worth 50% each, I could create a trigger that hides the Next button on the Results slide using the following:

  • Action: Change State of
  • On Object: Next Button
  • To State: Hidden
  • When: Timeline starts
  • Object: Results Slide
  • On Condition:
    • results.scorepercent < less than 100.00

If you are not using the player Next button, you would build the trigger on the appropriate object/slide.

Make sense?