Restricted navigation behaving as free or locked but not restricted

Feb 28, 2024

When choosing restricted navigation there is now a button to restrict prev/next buttons - if that is chosen, then it behaves as if locked - no forward or BACKWARD navigation. Not what I want.

However, if it is left unclicked, then the next button is not restricted and the course behaves as if it is free navigation. This is different than just a week ago and also not what I need.

What is going on?

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Judy Nollet

In the attached file, the navigation is set to Restricted, with the checkbox selected to Restrict Next/Previous buttons.

Here’s what happens when the course starts:

  • PREV is Disabled on the slide 1. (Well, there is nothing to go to at this point.)
    • On the 1st slide, PREV will only be Normal if I jump back to it by clicking it in the Menu. Otherwise, it remains Disabled. (I assume this is to cue the learner that they're back at the start of the course.)
    • PREV is Normal on the other slides.
  • NEXT is Disabled, but it automatically changes to Normal when the timeline ends. Thus, the longer the timeline, the longer the button remains unclickable.
    • This button stays Normal when revisiting the slide. This happens on all slides (unless custom triggers override it).

Thus, these settings are used to ensure the user views slides in order, and views the entire timeline of all slides.

Unchecking the Restrict Next/Previous buttons checkbox keeps the Menu restricted, so the user can't click it to jump ahead in the course. However, as you noted, it doesn't lock the NEXT button. So this setting would be used to ensure the user views the slides in order, without requiring them to view the entire timeline. 

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Judy. I rarely use a menu so rely on the next/prev buttons. I checked it out further and you are right the prev was not restricted on your or my one I made to test it just now when clicking the checkbox. I can't account for how I saw that in the story I was working on. I worked around it by copying a trigger to change state of prev button to normal at start of slide timeline. But I didn't know that about the menu restriction at all so that is good info to file away - thanks.