Results slide - being more specific?

Aug 13, 2014

Hello Heroes!

There may be a good tutorial on this so pardon my asking,

but is there a way to drill down into specific details on the results slide after a user has taken a series of questions?

For example, if i have 12 questions for a user to answer and I have 4 categories of questions (category A, Category B, category C and category D) with 3 questions each = 12 questions total and now I'd like to provide feedback in the results slide to not just show what the total score was that the user received out of 12, but also the specific score per category so that they can see what category they need the most help with.

It might look something like this:

Your score, 9/12

Category A - 3/3

Category B - 2/3

Category C - 1/3

Category D - 3/3

This way a user gets a more visual idea of how they did. I apologize if this is a quick fix that I overlook, but your help as always, is much appreciated!

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Charles Zoffuto


It isn't a quick fix but it is certainly doable. First you need to create a separate results slide for each category. Make sure you take note of the name of each variable for each category results slide (ie Resutls1.ScorePoints). Then you can reference quiz variable for each category on the "report" slide.

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