Resume and Early Termination Issues

Apr 27, 2011

I have been researching thru the old and new forums for some information on a couple of things that are happening with some recent courses/modules.

Some details to consider

-  All courses on SumTotal v8.2 LMS

-  Company recently upgraded to v8.2. The modules that were data transferred resume correctly. These two modules were the first two Articulate modules uploaded post upgrade

-  MS 2007

-  One uses branching the other does not

-  Both have videos inserted using Engage w/controls

-  One module passes completion from a quizmaker quiz while the other uses percentage

-  Both courses have Prompt to resume... and When running in LMS... checked

1) Resume is NOT working on either module. No matter how I exit, the module "resumes" on the first slide. It does prompt for resume when I re-launch the course - it just resumes on the first slide.

2) The Exit button in Articulate works/doesn't work sporadically

3) The module that has branching tracks the number of slides viewed for completion is having early termination issues

Any ideas?


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Dave Mozealous

Hi Sue,

1. My guess is what is happening is that the suspend_data (which is what is used to support resume) is being sent to the LMS properly, but it isn't being returned properly by the LMS.  This KB article explains how to enable debug and check if the LMS is having problem saving the suspend_data:

But some LMS won't error on the data like they should and only save a partial amount of it.  It sounds like this might be what is happening because the content is trying to resume, it just keeps resuming to slide 1.  So what likely is happening is that we send the data properly, then the LMS is not saving it properly, then sending back a partial amount of the data back.

If you upload the debug logs to this post I can likely tell you if that is the case.  What I would need is:

1. A debug log from the initial attempt

2. A debug log from the subsequent attempt

2. The exit button not working can be any number of things.  Can you upload a debug log of a time that it doesn't work and I could tell you if that is indicative of a problem with reporting?

3. Can you explain more about this?


Scott Lindsey

I'm having a similar issue (possibly) with a quiz. It has multiple question groups and each group presents a random group of questions to the learner. Ultimately, it displays about 50 questions out of 89 total. If our learners leave the quiz and resume it at any point after question #20, even on question #49(!), the resume always takes them back to question #20.

Could this be a suspend_data issue?


Scott Lindsey

Sr. Instructional Designer

RadioShack Learning & Development

Stephen Cone

Hi Sue,

You didn't specify what version of 8.2 you were running, but I recall reading that for the 8.2 SP8 release, SumTotal added a new feature where the system administrator can configure how he or she wanted the system to handle suspend data.  It's possible if you're on that version of 8.2 or SP9, that this functionality is overriding the resume functionality.  You want to check your Activity Staging Editor to see what the LMS settings are.

I hope this helps,


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