Jan 15, 2020

I'll be working on creating new safety courses. Anybody out there that I can discuss the topic. Thx


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Ray Cole

I work in a two-person EHS (Environment/Health/Safety) training group, so safety training is a big part of what we do. Here are some courses we've developed over the past year or so.

None of these are perfect--real courses seldom are--but they are good examples of how our four design principles manifest in the e-learning we create. Those principles are:

  1. Jumpstart learner practice: Don't just tell people what to do, have them practice doing it.
  2. Practice skills in context: We try to make the learning context match as closely as possible the performance context learners will face outside of the class (in real life) because research shows that when the learning and performance contexts match, learning is improved.
  3. Prioritize actions over memorization: We explicitly do not try to mention every possible thing anyone could ever want to know about the topic. When deciding what information to include and what to leave out, we prioritize information that informs the specific actions we're asking learners to take.
  4. Isolate, then integrate: We borrowed this one from Doug Lemov's book, Practice Perfect, but we use it more in our larger, more complex classroom designs than in our e-learning. The basic idea is to take complex skills and break them down into smaller parts. Get learners to master the smaller parts in isolation, and then integrate them back together until they can perform lengthy and complex tasks from start to finish. It's a strategy for managing cognitive load, among other things.

Anyway, I hope these examples help. Good luck with your projects!


Anna Kroening

Hi Roma,

    I would love to discuss creating new safety courses with you. I work in the EH&S division at my current employer, which is the manufacturing industry. I have had to develop safety related courses customized to our work-site similar to what Ray Cole and his team have done. I'll upload some examples of courses that I developed, although not many soon. What industry do you work in? 

Lea OBrien

Looking for ideas around pedestrian and driver safety on a company campus.  The company is looking to change behavior and has video images of all the bad decisions made by pedestrians walking and driving on site.  I am focusing on "Going home safe after you shift!"  Maybe a video to drive home dangers of careless/distracted walking, not holding handrails, and driving.

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