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Hi everyone.  I've been designing courses mostly for corporate clients for the past several years.  Earlier this year I was hired by a company to update one course that had been created in Presenter '09.  I converted to Storyline and made content updates, published, and sent it off to the client.  However, when they went to upload in their LMS, they had some issues.  I don't see the same issues when I preview the course or when I upload it to Tempshare. I don't have access to their LMS (nor do I really have any significant LMS knowledge), so I asked them to take the issue back to their LMS administrator or tech support.  That person then came back to me and said they could not work on the issue until I provided them with a clean SCORM Cloud test.  I have never used SCORM Cloud and I do not have an account.  I realize I can set up a trial account, but my real question for you all is whether you utilize SCORM Cloud regularly, and if this is something that you feel is expected of you as course designers.  I don't know if I've just been lucky or what but to date all of the courses I've developed, I've just handed off and the client has loaded it into their LMS and it's worked just fine.  Appreciate your feedback.

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Phil Mayor

Yes, I use Scormcloud regularly, I test every Scorm in there before handing over this way I know that any problems will be related to their LMS,i t is part of my QA process and takes 5 minutes to test.

I am expected to deliver a storm compliant course, this is the industry standard, also as part of my role I would expect to help a client with any LMS issues that they encounter to ensure the module I have developed works for them.  Determining which LMS a client uses is part of the kickoff and if I have not encountered that LMS in the past I would advocate running a test package to ensure it works.

I think you were lucky, my advice would be at anytime you have issues run it through Scormcloud first, ideally you would already do this before handoff at least then you know the course works.