Scrum Master Trivia: Play our xAPI Cohort, Storyline 360 project!

Apr 17, 2018

Hi everyone,

I am trying to collect more data on our xAPI Cohort project. Feel free to play it and learn more here:

The data collected in the project is:

  • Username
  • Avatar choice
  • Watching/Completing/Skipping videos
  • Viewing profile and leaderboard
  • How you answer questions
  • Score (if you get bonus and if you don't get bonus)
  • How you rate the project

We also bring data back into the project, including:

  • How many people answered each question (this appears next to the answers after you answer)
  • Avatars on the leaderboard, score, and name
  • Your rank
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Melissa Milloway

Hi Nancy, 

Thank you! In fact, we did a lot of research on choosing the colors of the avatars for this project. We involved three different focus groups in order to make a decision. At first we had skin tones but we could not possibly represent everyone and to make multiple versions of avatars takes several hours of work (each avatar has to be animated, stills have to be created, and code is written to pull them back in), so we moved past that idea.

Next, we created a variety of colors and looks but it felt too cartoonish to the audience.

Finally, we landed on yellow like the emojis are (plus it is a complimentary color to the purple so that was a bonus) and it was a consensus to go in that direction, please see this article:

I am a HUGE proponent of representing diversity in courses. I also included Jaime as a non-binary character in the video. I have intentionally represented Jaime with gender neutral pronouns such as, they. 

A lot of thought and research had gone into these decisions. I hope that answers your question.


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