Secure elearning?

We have run into an issue where our LMS won’t play the modules/courses because of a security issue.

I’ve been told that it is because we require our courses to be secured behind a VPN.

 How many of you know of companies that secure their elearning courses behind some type of security which requires the user to log into a VPN or company Intranet before they can access the learning?

Do you secure your learning with more than a user ID and password?

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Rebecca Hay

Unfortunately, we are being told that no one else has this issue. They say that other organizations don't secure their course access with more than a User ID andf Password. That is why I asked this question. Hard for me to believe that no other organization secures their course access behind a VPN or company Intranet. Does everyone else really allow open access via the Internet as long as you have a valid ID and password?

Brian Batt

Hi Rebecca,

We have a lot of customers that access their LMS via VPN.  In fact, back when I worked on the support team, there were many instances where it would have been easier to troubleshoot issues by logging into the LMS.  However, in order to access the LMS, I would have needed to log into their VPN.  99% of the time, I was denied access to the VPN.  Thus, we had to troubleshoot issues a different way.