Securely hosting content

Jun 09, 2017

We do not have an LMS. We do have a user community built in Drupal that requires our customers to log in to it.

I want to host Articulate content on the user community (Storyline, Quizzes, Rise... everything!), but my problem is security. We're running into the problem where our web firm says since the content opens in a new window, anyone can copy that URL when the content opens and send it to anyone else to access directly.

Does anyone have any tips on hosting secured content that's not on an LMS?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Heather,

One option would be to add an access code on the first slide. You could do that using a data entry field and a trigger that only allows users to go to the next slide if they enter the correct combination of characters. That being said, users could also share that password along with the URL if they were so inclined... so I'm not sure if that really helps!

Maybe someone else in the community has a better idea?

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