Seeking feedback on my new website

Apr 04, 2016

Hi Everyone 

I hope all of you are well? :)

I have been visiting this 'Articulate Home for Heroes' for years now, ever since I started working with Articulate Studio and now on to Articulate Storyline. I love it here, I have found so much help and advice but i've never really participated... until now.  I'm just starting out in the Freelance world, the first year has been superb! I've now made a new website and was hoping that some of you may be able to spare a little bit of time having a look and letting me know your thoughts. Is there something i've missed that people really should know? Or something that I could do better?

I'd like it to come across as fun but also professional. Any advice or feedback more that appreciated.

Many thanks 


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Brenda Tyedmers

Hi Jude,

Congratulations on your first year! I just took a few minutes to browse your site. Here are some impressions for you to consider:

- clean, simple, readable

- I like your process graphics

- Menu - nice short list; on home page when the site first opens in my browser, the top menu did not appear for me (had to scroll up) so I was clicking on stuff trying to find out what happens next. I would suggest modifying to minimize the likelihood of this happening with clients

- Colours - unify your picture with the colours you choose.  The blue and yellow don't work for me, and I'd suggest you use at least 3 colours. There are some good websites that let you create an interesting colour palette. Try

- Chunk your larger sections of text into bullets or shorter sentences

I hope you find some of this helpful.

Jude Reynolds

Hi Brenda

Thanks so much for spending the time to visit my site and feedback! This is why I love this place so much, people like you. Its such a great community. Thank you!!

Glad you like the simple look and the graphics. (They are made with Simple Diagrams).

Thanks for mentioning about the menu, will have a look in to a way of making sure that doesn't happen. Don't want to loose people at the first step! :)

Yeah, I was going for a bold colour choice. :)

Good point about the larger sections of text. Will need to review I feel.

Thank you again.... it was all useful. Really appreciate it!!

All the best


Tristan Hunt

Hi Jude,

I really like the process page as well! It's something I haven't seen before but have often been asked by clients etc

I think the home page needs working on as it looks more like a work in progress there isn't much there. Perhaps combining the home/about pages into one may be a better approach.

I would start with deciding the main aim of the website and have that up front on the home page and work back from there.




Jude Reynolds

Hi Tristan,

Thanks so much for your time and feedback! Really appreciate your thoughts!

Glad you like the process page :)  I was always asked from clients about the process of building a course and how much they need to be involved as well. I did have a pdf of the whole process. Will do again.

Good point about the home page... Thanks for saying. Will come up with something visual I think that says exactly what I'm about and then draws people to the other pages. (Getting ideas now!)

thanks again!! 



Jennifer Rowe

Hi Jude!

Thank you for sharing your website! I think it is a really great start! I think building a website is a lot like making a very good sauce - it can be pretty good to start out with,  but add a little of this, add a little that, give it time to simmer, and what you eventually end up with resembles what you started with, but has a lot more depth. It takes a long time. 

The one thing I would suggest is to say what you can do for your clients the centerpiece of your front page and relegate the "about me" info to the About Me page. Clients are really self-centered (like the rest of us) so they are more interested in how you can help them than who you are as a person. If they think you can help them, then they will take the next step and see if you are someone they want to work with. 

I like a lot of the graphics and interactions, too! I'm going to check out Simple Diagrams. 

Good job!


Jude Reynolds

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at my website. Glad you like it. And love your analogy!! Fits perfectly!!  I knew I had developed it to a point where I needed people to have a look and see and this place is brilliant for sharing ideas. I appreciate your feedback and i've added a bit more spice to the sauce ..... Ginger Spice :-)

Yeah, Simple Diagrams is brill!! For me I like the simple diagrams (couldn't help it!) and the fact it doesn't limit the size of what you want to produce. 

All the best and thanks again!!


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