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Jan 06, 2017

Hi. Can you help me with a problem I've got, please.

I'm trying to make a slide, which asks the student to enter two numbers into two boxes. I've followed the instructions in one of your tutorials, which explains about having "hidden buttons" and conditions,

When I'm testing it, I get the "Invalid entry, you must complete the question" box come up, when I click "Submit" even though I've entered the correct answers.

It's almost as if the system needs a kick start to get it working, as If I click on one of the two "hidden" buttons, they correctly display the "correct" or "incorrect" boxes. Once I've done this, the submit button then works correctly. At this stage, I can see that the hidden buttons are being selected, when I submit, which does not happen before the kick start.

Many thanks



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Alan Lank

Hi Tammy

Thank you so much for offering to help; I've attached the file.

A couple of points, the correct & incorrect buttons are on the main portion of the slide simply for testing, they would be pushed off to one side when it's all working.
The correct answers, are: 33 & 70 respectively.

Thanks again

Alan Lank

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