Selecting a character to use through the course

Oct 13, 2022

Good Afternoon, 


I'm wanting to have the learner select a character to use throughout the course, in a similar way you would use a variable to allow a learner to use their name. 

For example I would like to choose a certain character from a selection of characters and I would want that character to pop up when needed without the need to insert it into every slide I need it on, I hope that makes sense?

Is this something that is possible? 

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Tom Kuhlmann

There are a number of ways to do this. Essentially you create a character variable. Then when the user selects their character, assign that value to the variable.

At this point, you place your character(s) on a given slide or layer and then change the state of the character to X when the timeline of the slide/layer starts on the condition that the character = X.

Some people use multiple characters or they use one character with multiple states. 

Character based layers make sense when you also need other content that is contextual to the character.

You could also have a number of characters on a slide with an initial state of hidden. Then change the state of the character to x when slide starts. Of course, you need a trigger to accommodate all of the various characters.

John Morris

I created a text variable called "CharSel" using this procedure:

I then added Adjust Variable triggers to execute when the timeline starts for each slide (you probably saw those).

I also added a condition to the Next Button trigger so that it will only work if the CharSel variable is not equal to Blank.  Without this, the learner could advance without selecting a character and both characters would be invisible.

I hope this works for you.