Several print results "report.html" in one elearning course?

Hi everyone

I need to build an elearning course in 10 different languages. I build one scene for each language, so I have 10 scenes. At the beginning of the course, user will select his language then go to the scene in the selected language. At the end of each scene, I have a risk assessment and on the result page, the user can print the results with questions and their own answers.

My question: is it possible to have "report.html" in 10 languages? Can we tell storyline to show different report.html (e.g. "report_EN.html" or "report_FR.html") when the user click "print results"?

I use storyline 2.

Please help. Thank you very much in advance!


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If you are referring to how a course communicates to an LMS, there can be only one results slide. However, you can get around this by using hidden assessment questions that are answered by each/any of your other assessments and a hidden results slide for the master assessment. I call them "ghost assessments" and you can read more about them here.

nech nay

Thank you very much Owen for your help. I'm looking deeper into your example.

I also asked Articulate support team and I was told that they don't have this feature for now --- multiple reports in one output. After two days of desperation, I found a "solution". What I want is just a "report" (with questions and student's answers) in each language. So I can do it as a slide in storyline, That's to say, after the quiz, there will be a screen where they have a score and a summary of what they have selected, and there will be a button "print" to print out this screen.

In this way, user can have his result "report" printed in different languages.