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Feb 24, 2012

It's Friday and I was looking on the web for some inspiration for sprucing up some power pint slides when I came across this Power Point 2010 created video. It has some sheer awesome effects made off a group of power point presentations and it has given me some new inspiration. Tom wrote in one of his recent blogs to get inspiration from others and I think this video does exactly that. Anyway here is my newest ppt inspiration. Lets see some of yours.

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Doug Mattson

Thanks James!  I am going to keep going back to that video for inspiration.

I recently used inspiration (actually, it was a Christmas gift) from Tom's post -

I swapped out a few items and came up with the main menu for a project.  This is my first kick at it.  I plan on adding some animation.


Natalia Mueller

So much awesome inspiration! Those Soap vids were amazing. I went thru the whole series. Well worth it.

Unfortunately, that led me to some other youtube vids that were not so fantastic. But hey, sometimes learning what NOT to do is just as good.  

Doug, wow. That menu is gorgeous. Just that slide alone has inspired me. Thanks so much for sharing! 

I wish I didn't have to run off to a meeting right now. I'd rather dig through my own inspiration files and post them for this thread. I'll definitely be returning...

Great idea for a thread, James. Can't wait to see what else shows up here.

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