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Oct 05, 2011

I'm planning to upload some templates I created for our team for months.

In a current project I used as a base one of Tom's templates (although now I'm not sure anything was left from the original design :-P  ), so thought it was about time to upload mine.

 You are welcome to share yours as well..

WhiteSliding - each slide moves\slides to the side, as if we're in the same space moving on...
The template was designed to be published with a skin that takes the title and uses it in the skin itself, so the titles are outside of the slide borders. So far it wasn't used for eLearning, but for other purposes. Imges are based on MS Office clipart, and can be easily replaced.  

Pasted a few slides to try and give the impression of the sliding through the white space:

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Atul Shetty

Efrat Maor said:

Atul Shetty said:

Thanks these are great - thanks for sharing.

Can i use this for customer training? Is this completely free?

you are all most welcomed

@Atul - Yes, this is totally free for your use.

I know how it is when you develop a course that can be delivered both internally and externally

Was training customers myself.

A good idea to add a CC copyright (or copyleft :-)  ) definition to the uploaded files.

Thanks again

Randy Borum

Efrat - Many Thanks!!  Very gracious of you to share.  These are exceptionally creative and inspirational - Randy

PS for folks who are getting "zip" files, I wonder if they might be trying to download from the "replies" rather than the original posts (something I would probably do :-( ) - Here are your original links that I used - they all downloaded as pptx files:

White Sliding

Pictures Popping

Office Template

arundhati sardesai

Efrat Maor said:

Thanks David.

Adding another one.

Office Template - most elabborated in terms of layouts defined (30!), and most flexible in variety of uses.
The background can be easily changed according to your theme, just change the slide background and click Apply to All.

Again the title is defined ouside of the slide border. Either for using with a skin that uses the slide title in it, or in cases you do not wish to have a title.

This was designed for cases whre we wish to have an eLearning based of previous SME presentation or materials, for a quick and (less) dirty trasformation. 

It was used with different backgrounds which are copyrighted  (one is seen in the picture below, which is from iStock #8108673).

It is used in the example with characters from Style 1268 taken from the MS Office site. Lots of charaters there, and I used this style in the past for mini comics, eLeraning, creating on-boarding site design and more.


Awesome...really..... thank you very much..!!!
Jody DeWitte

I love these templates you have shared.  I am new to Articulate and most recently purcased Storyline. How do I import these templates into Storyline.  When I tried to browse for themes and import it I received an error that it was not a Storyline template. I am sure it is an easy fixed but thought I would ask the experts!   Thank you.

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